About Us

TomoRecon Consulting provides specialized Scientific Computer Software Consulting, primarily related to clinical and pre-clinical medical imaging.

Mission Statement

To provide technology-driven medical-imaging-based tools and services with the goal of improving patient care.

About Our Founder, Michael Westmore, Ph.D.

Michael Westmore, Ph. D., is a Medical Physicist with a background in Computed Tomographic Imaging. He has worked in research in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical devices industry for 20 years.

Dr. Westmore started his professional scientific career at Eli Lilly & Company. He worked at Lilly for ten years, eventually leading their pre-clinical imaging center. This gave him direct exposure to the use of CT, MRI, optical imaging, and ultrasound in drug discovery. Following his time at Lilly, he devoted two-and-a-half years at Covance performing similar pre-clinical imaging studies.

Following his time in the pharmaceutical industry Dr. Westmore moved on to the medical device industry. This represented a return to his systems developer roots from his time as a graduate student. His career history has blessed Dr. Westmore with a well-rounded perspective as both a developer and as an end-user of medical imaging applications.